NAINBY, PEGGY (1899-1982)

Full Birth Name: Marjorie Nainby
Married Name & Dates: Mrs Charles Rothwell (1929-1961)
Profession: Photographer
Professional Years: 1922-1929
Where Practised: Nainby, Main Rd, Glenorchy, TAS
Photographer, c1910s.






Marjorie Nainby, affectionately known as Peggy, was the sole offspring of Amanda Carne, a dressmaker, and Frank Nainby, an engineer. She was born on 28 December 1898, [1] in the family home at 7 Crown Street in Millom, a village in Cumberland, England.

Marjorie’s journey into a career in photography commenced in the latter part of the teens or early 1920s in Walsall in the West Midlands, where she and her parents had relocated. At the beginning of 1920, a Walsall studio, Kindler & Co., advertised for a young lady to learn the trade,[2] and it is quite plausible that this marked Marjorie’s inauguration into photography.[3]

However, the course of events took a turn in 1921 when the family applied for sponsored immigration to Australia, drawn by the presence of a maternal aunt who had earlier immigrated to Tasmania. With a job lined up at the Cadbury factory in Claremont, they arrived in November 1922, and established their new home in Glenorchy, a suburb south of Claremont. [4]

The family’s immigration papers[5] reveal the challenges that beset Marjorie in securing employment within a photographic studio. By approximately 1926, during a period when her father was between jobs, the pair embarked on a venture by setting up a studio in their Glenorchy residence.[6] Within a few years their work, covering local events, began to be published in Tasmania’s main daily newspaper, The Mercury.[7]

Marjorie worked alongside her father until her wedding on 22 January 1929,[8] though it is likely that she provided assistance whenever the need arose. Her father continued the business until around 1949.




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