DEAN, LILLIAN (1890-1980)

Full Birth Name: Lillian Maud Martin
Married Name & Dates: Mrs Leonard Geoffrey Dean (1924-1962)
Profession: Retoucher and Colourist (1914-1924); Photographer (1924-1971)
Professional Years: 1914 to 1971
Where Practised: WA (1914-1924); Norton Travaire, NSW (1924-1939); Lillian Dean Studio, Sydney, NSW (1939-1947); Travelling, Charleville Hotel, Charleville, QLD (1947); Lillian Dean, Weedon & Lawrence Building, Daly St, Darwin, NT (1948-1954); Travelling, Tennant Creek, NT (1954); Lillian Dean Studio, Knuckey St, Darwin, NT (1968-1971)