CORBITT, ANNA (1839-1908) (G)

Full Birth Name: Anna Margaret Corbitt
Married Name & Dates: Ray Craven (1882-1908) (non-marital)
Profession: Photographic colourist
Professional Years: 1859 to 1882(?)
Where Practised: G W Perry, 5 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC (1859-1864); G W Perry, Photographic Artist, Stafford Chambers, 49 Elizabeth St west side, Melbourne, VIC (1864-1871); G W Perry, Photographic Artist, 57 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC (1865-1871); Anna Corbitt, 85 Collins Street east, Melbourne, VIC, (July 1871-1874); 74 Raglan St, Emerald Hill (1874-1875); Anna Corbitt & James Sharp, 5 Collins St west, Melbourne, VIC (1876-1882?)


GW PERRY Studio front SLV pi200180 001
Perry’s Portrait Rooms, 49 Elizabeth St, Melbourne,Vic, Australia. Corbitt was Perry’s sister-in-law and worked here between 1864 and 1871.  Source: State Library of Victoria
Miss Corbitt, The Argus, 25 July 1871